• Eloges de l'eau

    Du 22/06/2013 au 25/11/2013 Exposition A l'église des Jacobins, à Agen.

  • Eloges de l'eau

    Exposition 2013 Eglise des Jacobin

  • Eloges de l'eau

    Exposition 2013 Eglise des Jacobin

  • Eloges de l'eau

    Exposition temporaire - Abbaye de Flaran (du 28 juin 2014 au 14 septembre 2014

  • Résidence - Gallerie

    47170, Sos en Albret

aart elshout

Aart Elshout - Painter, visual artist

Originally Dutch, born in 1947 in Rotterdam, Aart Elshout lives and works since 1978 in France, in the department of Lot-et-Garonne.

Exile as a source of authenticity

The choice to live and create in France is based on the desire to shape and find his own authenticity. Through the confrontation with himself and the four elements (water, fire, air, mineral), this authenticity is nourished by multiple internal reflections and research, in a secluded and natural environment, far from art centers and major influential cities on the artistic level.

This exile has lasted for over 25 years, alone and also through the collective 'Alumet' from 1976 to 2004.

This site provides an overview of the last eight years of creations of the painter through varied arts, expressing the full maturity of his work.

artist statement

my posture of creator

Simply be a painter ... relying on his experience and artistic research for years.

spontaneously create ... rooted in the feelings of ineffable moments aware and translated into works of art.

emotionally engaged to the desire to share with other members of the tribe of homo sapiens.

the meaning of my art

The act of painting, drawing, the gesture of creation,

the gesture of letting come ...

In a state of concentration and meditation,

where being or becoming and make sense.

3 keys

For me, AartElshout, there are three important keys in creation.

1. Honesty in the action in terms of myself, the artistic work and others.

2. Consciousness and experience giving a mastery of skills and knowledge that arer eferential foundations of contemporary creation.

3. The authenticity in which the artistic work takes its place in its time and out of time.

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