• Infinity

    Details - oil on canvas (150x150 cm) - 2020

  • Aquamundo

    Details - Diptych (194 x 260 cm) - In Praise of Water 2014

  • Poetry of Silence

    Details - oil on canvas (54 x 65 cm), 2013 - 2020

Aart Elshout - Painter, Plastician

Of Dutch origin, born in 1947 in Rotterdam, Aart Elshout lives and works since 1978 in France, in the department of Lot-et-Garonne.

The choice to live and create in France is based on the desire to train and find his own authenticity. Born from the confrontation with oneself and the four elements.

This authenticity is nourished by multiple reflections and inner research, in a secluded and natural environment, far from art centers and large cities with artistic influence.

Titles in time     1969 / 2021

Botanicus  •  Compositions picturales  •  Structures picturales  •  Instants fragiles  •  Signs and symbols  •  Entre terre et ciel  •  Terre « projet pour un village »  •  One Being  •  Terre, Eau, Feu, Air  •  Here now, Nowhere  •  Roots  •  Émotions coloriées  •  Paysages intérieurs  •  Pierres mentales  •  Instants ineffables  •  Éloge de l'eau   •  Paysages et Jardins intérieurs  •  Aquamundo  •  Profundo  •  Introspections, Rétrospections  •  Shizen, Méditations picturales  •  Poésie du silence  •  États d'âmes  •  Infinity  •  The last run  •  Transformations - Sublimations

Artist's statement

Simply be... relying on his experiences and artistic research over the years.

Spontaneously create ... rooted in the feelings of ineffable moments, conscious and translated into works of art, in dialogue with space and time.

Emotionally engaged in a creative process and in a state of meditation where being and doing become generators of meaning.

Installation for the exhibition "Poetry of Silence" in the Church of Trignan (2020), in collaboration with Dany Moreuil. 

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